Crazy Powerful. Still Quiet: The New Hypervolt Plus

In 2018 Hyperice took the fitness world by storm with the release of the revolutionary Hypervolt. It's efficient design, elevated responsiveness, and user friendliness made it the must have mobility tool of the year.

Now a year later Hyperice has just released the all new Hypervolt Plus; completely redesigned to deliver max power and torque for an even deeper massage (yes it's possible!).

The Hypervolt Plus generates 30% more power for intense and targeted treatment to sore muscles. Blast away pain like never before to get your body feeling and performing at it's highest level. Improve your range of motion, circulation, and accelerate recovery by adding the most powerful and efficient percussion therapy device to your training.

The all new Hyperice Hypervolt Plus is now available for the athlete who's serious about their recovery and performance.

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