Nike Training Shoes

React Metcon Turbo  

First impressions: Lightweight and snug!

The React Metcon models have always been designed to be a lighter training option with slightly more flex for running, but the React Metcon Turbo really stands out with how it blends a minimalist fit with the structure and support of a Metcon.

The new design of the upper has an almost racing feel to it, but you can quickly feel the sturdiness of the sole can handle all types of training. Also the new lacing system is a warm welcome and it should be much more durable than the previous model.

These guys do run a bit on the narrow/small size, so if you size up a 1/2 size you should be good to go.


Metcon 6  

First impressions: Lighter weight, more breathable.

Although the Nike Metcon 6 looks very similar to the Metcon 5, when you put them on you'll feel the difference. The Metcon 6 was designed to be the most breathable version yet. Without buying into the hype, it actually does feel notably cooler/more breathable on the foot. The mesh fabric is also more stretchy than the previous upper producing the feeling of a roomier toe-box and added flex.

The bottom line is that this fits similar to the Metcon 5 but the addition of the lightweight mesh upper makes this an enhanced version of the 5. If you liked the 5, you’ll love the Metcon 6.




First impressions: New shoe, who dis? Nike gave the Free Metcon series the ultimate facelift and it paid off big time.

Almost completely unrecognizable from previous models, the Free Metcon 3 brings even more flexibility to what was already the most flexible Metcon. That translates to more comfort and natural movement when training. The cushioning also seems to be distributed better in this version making it softer and better at absorbing impact.

A noticeably wider and flatter heel base actually allows you to stay more stable and get under some pretty serious weight if the workout calls for it.

The Nike Free Metcon 3 is a huge step up from its predecessor and the big changes go a long way in making it the most versatile Free Metcon to date.



First impressions: A revamped stylish version of Nike's premier weightlifting shoe.

The return of the dual straps (FINALLY!) really delivers in giving your feet much more stability when lifting.

New materials used in the construction help to create a lighter-weight feel that also breathes a little better, so you can wear them in comfort longer during lifting sessions.

Year in and year out the Nike Romaleos prove to be the crème de la crème of weightlifting shoes, and the Romaleos 4 carry on the tradition making it the go to shoe for anyone serious about weightlifting.

p.s. They do run a bit smaller than previous Romaleos so if you don't like a really snug lifting shoe you may want to go up a half size.

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