Nike Free Metcon 4 Shoe Review

First Impressions: A lot more comfy than the Free Metcon 3.

The new Nike Free Metcon 4 is a lot like the Free Metcon 3. In fact, the outsole and midsole are identical: same tread, same flex grooves, same midsole.

What’s different and gives this shoe added comfort is the upper. Nike went retro and brought back the tougher, more flexible mesh link upper from the original Free X Metcon. They also completely reconstructed the tongue with a super soft material and different lacing system that’s less rigid.

Overall, great update to the Free Metcon 4. The redesigned upper adds more comfort but stays true to its roots as a training shoe with a flat wide stable base for lifts.

p.s. Order a similar size to the Free Metcon 3.