Addaday Boomerang Roller

Addaday Boomerang Roller

When it comes to self-massage tools, you've just happened upon one of the most advanced designs in the marketplace today, the new Addaday Type RFB Robert Forster Boomerang Roller. Ideal for getting to those hard-to-reach areas such as your back and shoulders, this roller contours around your body to deliver efficient and effective pain relief to tired, sore muscles. Plus, the Boomerang Roller also features 2 different density gears, one with the medium version of the Surface Skin Technology (SST) and the other without SST, allowing for both a medium intensity self massage and a deeper one.

Features & Benefits:

  • Addaday and Robert Forster P.T. Collaboration
  • Contours around the body to reach hard to get to places
  • The rollers allow for great Cross Fiber Friction Massages
  • 2 different rollers, one with SST (Surface Skin Technology) and one without for a harder massage
  • Round gears designed to massage like fingers
  • Length: 40"x3"x2"
  • weight: 1.12 lb

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