Pro-Tec Athletics AcuBall

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Pro-Tec Athletics AcuBall

Relieve your aches and pains conveniently and effectively with the Pro-Tec AcuBall. Give yourself a soothing, deep tissue self-massage with this therapeutic tool that you can simply heat up with 1 minute in the microwave for up to 60 minutes of soothing joint and muscle treatment. Use this combination of acupressure and heat to relieve stiffness, to stimulate blood flow, and to accelerate the recovery process. Plus, you can easily take this fantastic massage tool with you anywhere you go thanks to the AcuBall's small, super portable size that fits seamlessly into a bag or backpack.

Features & Benefits:

  • Heatable, deep tissue ball provides effective pain relief anytime
  • Microwave for one minute to receive 60 minutes of soothing heat
  • Provides relief for pain/tightness in neck, shoulder, back, leg, hips, and feet
  • 3.5" Diameter

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