Women's Born Primitive Snatch Shorts

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PRing pain free with the one of a kind Women's Snatch Shorts. Ladies, we’ve heard your voice…”we feel pain too!” Introducing the first ever women’s Snatch Shorts with impact absorbent padding to protect your pubic bone during the snatch lift.

The Snatch Shorts fill a desperate need in the Olympic weightlifting and CrossFit communities. For too long, many lifters have had to suffer through Snatch because of the severe pain that can occur when the bar strikes the pubic bone during the transition portion of the lift. Up until now, nothing has existed to address this common issue. Many times, lifters will choose to incorrectly bounce the bar off of their quadriceps in order to avoid the painful bar strike in the pubic region. Anticipating pain will only create timidness when the weight becomes heavy.

You cannot expect to PR your Snatch if you have ANY reservations as you walk up to the bar! Enter the Snatch Shorts.

Our shorts have been designed and fine-tuned by avid Olympic lifters to protect your pubic region. There is flexible pad sewed into the front of the shorts that maintains a low-profile to ensure maximum mobility while offering maximum protection. The pad features PoronXRD® Extreme Impact Protection, which is soft and contouring yet tough on impact. The hex pattern creates hinging to promote freedom of movement and flexibility so it is barely even noticed when you lift. Last, the pad is infused with Microban® Antimicrobial Protection to help fight the growth of odor causing bacteria.

Snatch Shorts will add to a lifter’s confidence because she will no longer have any reservations or fear. Snatch Shorts are also great for coaches to use with less experienced lifters when trying to teach the proper bar path because it provides an aiming point for the athlete at the lift’s transition. Ladies, these can serve as your regular booty shorts or can be worn under your shorts/capris/pants. Next time you have to snatch, grab yourself a pair of Snatch Shorts and PR WITHOUT THE PAIN!

Features & Benefits:

  • Maximum protection and comfort when performing the Snatch
  • 80% Nylon, 20% Spandex
  • Moisture wicking for quick drying
  • These are a compressive short that can be worn alone or under other workout shorts, capris or pants.  Like all compression gear, they are meant to fit snugly to keep the padding close to the body so they may be harder to get on initially
  • These are true to size
  • See size chart below to find your perfect fit:
Snatch Short Size XS Small Medium Large  XL
Dress Size 2 4 8 10

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