First Impressions: WOW.

It's no wonder Mr. Review Extraordinaire - Joel Te - rated the Strike MVMNT Haze Trainer as the #1 best all-around shoe for CrossFit in 2021. It's a well-built functional shoe ready to crush. 

What I like most is the versatility. Can you run in them? Check. Can you go heavy in them? Check. Can they be the only shoe you travel with? Check. Are they comfortable? Check. Stylish? Check.

What don't I like about them? Not much. They feel good from the moment you put them on to the time you crash on the floor after a spicy workout. They're not bulky or heavy. And they're not one of those super lightweight shoes that don't offer much stability.

The midsole offers a nice balance of stability and responsiveness. It won't compress under weight. And the shoe feels good on your 200m & 400m runs. 

The 3D knit jacquard upper is lightweight, durable and breathable. 

Overall: This is just a great quality shoe that has a can do attitude. Probably my favorite shoe right now. 

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