TYR L-1 Lifter

This year I was looking to replace my old 2017 Reebok lifters. They've certainly taken a beating over the years. I wanted to try something new and with all the recent hype and attention on the new TYR L-1 Lifters and their anatomical design (i.e. wider toe box), I decided to try these out and test it for myself.

First impression when I opened the box was "wow, these are slick and are built really well." The materials used feel top-notch and the design is super smooth. But that's just on the surface, it wasn't until I began working with heavy loads especially in front rack and overhead positions that I really got a good feel for the shoe and some of its most important functions.

First of all, the wider toe box is great. You may have seen or read about this unique feature that sets it apart from other weightlifting shoes. If you follow Squat University, they've been highlighting this feature for several months now. One thing to note - I had read Box Basics customer reviews recommending going down a half-size and that worked well for me. I went down to a size 10 (I'm normally a size 10.5) and they fit like a glove.

Another thing that has stood out to me is great stability and support that I feel translates to better technique and more confidence in my lifts. If you're in the market for a new lifter, you have some cool options out there and I think this is definitely one to consider, especially if you have wider feet and would appreciate a roomier toe box. I'm definitely happy with my choice.

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