Inov-8 F-Lite 260 v2

First Impressions: These feel niiiiiiiice

Designed in collaboration with 10x Games Athlete Scott Panchik, Scott aspired to create a shoe that can do it all; something that he could speed through running workouts but also have enough support for heavy Oly lifts. 

This is one of the more understated shoes for CrossFit. And by understated I mean it's an awesome shoe that will perform no matter what movements you throw at it. It's super comfortable in the forefoot but stable enough in the heel to go heavy. Although this won't be your 1 rep max shoe, it does has a 8mm drop which will help mechanically with your olympic lifts. 

The upper is lightweight and breathes well. It also has added protection with reinforced panels for rope climbs and burpees.

Overall: Great shoe that does it all. Doesn't compromise on heavy lifts or running workouts. One of our favorites.