Inov-8 F-Lite 270 Training Shoe Review

First Impressions: Snug! Lightweight, cushioned. NoBull?

Although they look a lot like another cross trainer on the market (ahem Nobull), they're lighter and they have more cushion.

It's definitely a low profile shoe - you feel closer to the ground which I like. The flex is good: not too much, not too little. It feels stable enough for the amount of weight I lift but if you're going heavy often you'll want to level up to something more supportive.

I’m pretty much a size 9.5 all the way around (Nanos, Metcons, Nobulls, etc.), some versions fit a little smaller, some more narrow, but I’ve never had to deviate from a size 9.5. I did for this shoe, I needed a size 10 so be sure to size up.

Overall this is a solid choice that you can run in for short distances. If you're looking for a lightweight shoe with cushion, or just want to try something different you'll be happy with the F-Lite 270.