7 CrossFit Dads Who Can Do It All

Juggling a career, training, and raising a family is no easy task; and we take our hats off to all the dads out there who find the time and energy to be the best version of themselves to set a positive example for their children. 

Here is our list of 7 standout CrossFit Dads who not only inspire and influence their families but the entire CrossFit Community.

1. Jason Khalipa

CrossFit legend and former CrossFit Games Champion Jason Khalipa took the 2016 season off to focus on his family and his daughter Ava's fight against leukemia. Since the early days of CrossFit, Khalipa has become one of the most recognizable faces of CrossFit due to his strength, grit, consistency, and positive attitude.  Jason Khalipa is the the perfect example of the saying "There's No Love Like a Father's Love". We wish Ava and the entire Khalipa family the best in their fight to find a cure.

2. Elijah Muhammad

Elijah "EZ" Muhammad has emerged as a fan favorite among CrossFitters. As a former CrossFit Games competitor he has wowed the crowd with his impressive lifts, and his ability after falling down to get back up, dust himself off, and DO WORK. Muhammad is never afraid to let loose and have a little fun with his family in and out of the gym.

3. Chuck Smith

Being the dad of the World's Fittest Man Ben Smith is no easy task, but if there's a person who can handle it, it's Chuck Smith. He must have fed his whole family a ton of spinach because he boasts an incredibly strong brood of CrossFit athletes besides Ben, including Alec Smith and Dane Smith; and with a 600 lb. deadlift Chuck's no slouch himself.

4. Shawn Ramirez

As a Master's athlete Ramirez dominated the 2015 CrossFit Games last year on his way to winning the Men's 40-44 year old division; and right by his side after each event was his family who came to show their support for a guy who has completely redefined the "Dad bod". Shawn will be looking to defend his title at Carson in 2016 and you can bet his entire family will be there cheering on this CrossFit Dad.

5. Mike Burgener

If you're a CrossFitter then Mike Burgener has played a role in your CrossFit journey whether you know it or not. As an Olympic Weightlifting coach he has worked with some of the sport's best lifters as well as some of the best CrossFitters in the world, and his "Burgener Warm up" is a drill that we've all done in prepping for a successful lifting session. His knowledge and passion for weightlifting has spread to his children who are also amazing coaches, and it won't be surprising to see his grandchildren coaching the Snatch and Clean & Jerk in the not too distant future.

6. Jon Pera

CrossFit Games veteran Jon Pera is no stranger to hard work or sacrifice. With a family first attitude Pera not only looks after his own family, but also the families of his community in his work as a Law Enforcement Officer; and on top of this all he still manages to train at an elite level.

7. Rich Froning Jr.

It seems impossible to have any CrossFit list without Rich Froning Jr. popping up on it. After winning 4 straight CrossFit Games as an individual, he's made the transition to Team competition where he's manged to find a perfect balance between raising his young family and satisfying his competitive drive.

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  • That’s certainly a great list among “career competitors” but let’s not forgot that most crossfitter dad’s are not 20 something year olds but a large number of crossfitters are 30-40 something and have real day jobs plus CrossFit to stay in shape and get strong! Why aren’t we honoring even one of them but only focusing on those who get paid to do CrossFit. Come on! Share the love!

    Rita on
  • Happy Father’s Day Bob Kinzie who is older and has better hair than anyone listed. Love you Dad.


    Michael Kinzie on

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