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October 28, 2016


First Look At The Nike Metcon 3

Pictures of the yet to be released Nike Metcon 3 have started to leak and we're loving what we're seeing! It looks like the Metcon 3 will have a sleeker look, and possibly lighter feel to it.

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October 17, 2016


15 Of The Best CrossFit Halloween Costumes

Crossfitters LOVE Halloween because it gives us a great excuse to let loose and have fun, all while getting in a great workout. Plus even if you don't win the WOD you can always win the best Halloween costume! Here are 15 of our favorite costume ideas for this Halloween

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October 04, 2016


5 Myths About CrossFit That You Shouldn't Believe

1. You need to already be in great shape to start CrossFit

The scalability of CrossFit is one of it's most important foundations, and it should be thoroughly explained to beginning Crossfitters and people interested in starting CrossFit. You don't need an extensive athletic background or a deep knowledge of Olympic lifts, gymnastics skills, or crazy endurance...

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September 23, 2016


Brand New Nike Metcon 2 Colors!

It's been a while since Nike released any new Nike Metcon 2 colorways, but the wait is finally over with the drop of 7 new colors! On the men's side there are 5 new colorways, and 2 new colors for the women.

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September 07, 2016


6 Exercises for Maximum Mobility

The importance of mobility, and the heavy emphasis put on making the time to work on maintaining your body and moving correctly has grown tremendously over the last few years. Leading this revolution in ideas and movement has been Dr. Kelly Starrett, who has worked with numerous athletes ranging from Olympians to CrossFit Champions to everyday people. Outside Online has compiled 6 of Dr. Starrett's super easy exercises anyone can do with just a little time and effort, that will lead to some major improvements in range of motion and overall mobility.

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August 17, 2016


Want to Be a CrossFit Games Champion? Here's Your Guide

Get into the mind of the "World's Fittest Man" Mat Fraser and learn what he has done to elevate his training to make him the best. In this in depth piece by Jenessa Connor for Men's Journal, Mat Fraser shares the changes he made to his training that led to his winning the 2016 CrossFit Games. 

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August 16, 2016

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The 8 People You'll Meet at Your Box

Community is by far the best part of CrossFit. In every box you meet people of all ages, backgrounds, and walks of life grinding through the WOD together. But even as CrossFit continues to grow and spread there always seems to be a recurring cast of characters you’re sure to find in any box. Meet them below and maybe you'll recognize a few familiar faces.

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