With all of the mobility work you do as a Crossfitter, do you ever wonder what's actually happening with your body as you go through each different stretch? You can feel the pulling, popping, cracking, and loosening, but can you pinpoint exactly which muscles are being worked? This amazing illustrated guide by David Wolfe shows you exactly which muscle groups are being stretched for a wide variety of common stretches. Use this guide to help you target areas of your body that need to be worked on to improve your performance in the gym, and overall health and wellness.

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I Don’t Want to Look like Her

What is beauty and who defines it? When it comes to body image or the most "desirable" female body type is anybody right and is anybody wrong? CrossFit and other strength and conditioning programs are challenging our culture's idea and perceptions of what a women should and shouldn't look like. By embracing, celebrating, and rewarding an opposing new idea of beauty, a conversation has developed that affects all of us as mothers, daughters, fathers, sons, coaches, athletes, and members of society. Blogger Average2Athlete offers her insight to this issue using her own experiences as a modern female athlete. Apologies in...

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