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6 Rowing Machine Mistakes You Might Be Making (And How to Fix Them)

"Learning to row has often been made way too complicated and intimidating," says Josh Crosby, rowing world champion and co-creator of the IndoRow machine and ShockWave, an Equinox class that combines rowing with circuit training. To simplify the exercise and help you learn the stroke, Crosby and Patrick Larcom, head coach at Renegade Rowing and coach at CrossFit Boston, share the lowdown on the best ways to correct common newbie mistakes. Use these expert tips to confidently strap in and get your heart racing!

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CrossFit Injuries: 4 Major Mistakes Athletes Make

Getting injured is not "part of" CrossFit as many critics would have you believe. Hurting oneself has never been, and should never be an element of the sport of fitness; but just like any other physical activity the risk of getting hurt will always be present. Luckily we have control of the risk we put our bodies in every time we pick up a barbell or jump on a set of rings. The Box Magazine points out 4 common mistakes crossfitters make that put them at a higher risk of injury. Read up on them to keep yourself safe and able to...

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Top 8 Snatch Mistakes with Rich Froning

The guys at Barbell Shrugged and 4x CrossFit Games winner Rich Froning want to fix your snatch. Check out their video as they walk you through the top 8 mistakes people make when snatching. And be sure to check out all of the great podcasts by Barbell Shrugged covering all things crossfit, weighltifting, and health/fitness related.

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