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14 Burpee Variations You Need To Try

The poor burpee always seems to get a bad rap, with everyone seeming to hate it with a passion. Take a chance and spice up your relationship with the burpee by trying one (or all) of these 14 burpee variations. Who knows, maybe you'll fall in love! 

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Training When You Don't Want To

When it comes to your training, some days will always be better than others; and as humans our emotions can drive us forward as well as slow us down. Some days you may feel like total crap and working out is the last thing on your mind. 

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WOD Mechanics: 8 Easy Fixes to PR Your Fran Time

"What's your Fran time?" This question is asked in CrossFit boxes from New York to New Zealand and everywhere in between. Fran is one of those special WODs that pushes you to your physical and mental limits; and where shaving off even 1 second is a huge success. Try applying these 8 easy fixes to your training and see if you can PR the next time you do Fran.

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CrossFit Injuries: 4 Major Mistakes Athletes Make

Getting injured is not "part of" CrossFit as many critics would have you believe. Hurting oneself has never been, and should never be an element of the sport of fitness; but just like any other physical activity the risk of getting hurt will always be present. Luckily we have control of the risk we put our bodies in every time we pick up a barbell or jump on a set of rings. The Box Magazine points out 4 common mistakes crossfitters make that put them at a higher risk of injury. Read up on them to keep yourself safe and able to...

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