CrossFit Injuries: 4 Major Mistakes Athletes Make

Getting injured is not "part of" CrossFit as many critics would have you believe. Hurting oneself has never been, and should never be an element of the sport of fitness; but just like any other physical activity the risk of getting hurt will always be present. Luckily we have control of the risk we put our bodies in every time we pick up a barbell or jump on a set of rings. The Box Magazine points out 4 common mistakes crossfitters make that put them at a higher risk of injury. Read up on them to keep yourself safe and able to...

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4 Keys To Picking The Right Physical Therapist

Getting hurt sucks and no one ever plans to get injured. The only thing we end up having control over is our recovery. We have the power to rehabilitate at the pace we want under the supervision of the physical therapist we feel can help us get back quickest to the sport we love. Crossfitter, Physical Therapist, Army Captain, MobilityWOD Instructor, and friend of Box Basics Danny Matta offers some tips you can use if you ever find yourself injured and looking for a physical therapist: One of the most enjoyable parts of teaching the Movement and Mobility Trainer Course...

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