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“Yes, I’m a CrossFitter”

What makes a CrossFitter a CrossFitter? When can you officially call yourself a CrossFitter? Is there even an accepted universal definition of a CrossFitter? WOD Talk examines these questions to provide an encouraging perspective into what makes you a CrossFitter.

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WOD Mechanics: 8 Easy Fixes to PR Your Fran Time

"What's your Fran time?" This question is asked in CrossFit boxes from New York to New Zealand and everywhere in between. Fran is one of those special WODs that pushes you to your physical and mental limits; and where shaving off even 1 second is a huge success. Try applying these 8 easy fixes to your training and see if you can PR the next time you do Fran.

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100 Reasons to Skip Class

Sometimes we need a reason or two to justify not doing what we said we were going to do. After all life does get hard. Here are a few reasons that you shouldn’t come to the gym:

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Krystal Cantu: One Arm, No Excuses

CrossFit athlete Krystal Cantu may have one arm, but it doesn't stop her from lifting heavy and breaking PRs. This is her inspiring story! After losing nearly 50 pounds working out in a Gold's Gym, Krystal Cantu was introduced to CrossFit for the first time by her then-employer Rackspace in San Antonio, Texas. It only took one workout for her to make the permanent switch.

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