Fans of CrossFit Training Brag About Extra Bulk

The Struggle is Real! CrossFit may have made it easier for you to walk up those extra flight of stairs or carry all your groceries in one trip; what it hasn't made easier is fitting into your clothes. Big butts and gigantic quads make squeezing into a pair a jeans a WOD in and of itself. And if you're lucky enough to get in the jeans they're so tight you start to lose feeling in your lower body. The Wall Street Journal takes a look at some of the obstacles we crossfitters face once our bodies begin to change, and what some...

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I Don’t Want to Look like Her

What is beauty and who defines it? When it comes to body image or the most "desirable" female body type is anybody right and is anybody wrong? CrossFit and other strength and conditioning programs are challenging our culture's idea and perceptions of what a women should and shouldn't look like. By embracing, celebrating, and rewarding an opposing new idea of beauty, a conversation has developed that affects all of us as mothers, daughters, fathers, sons, coaches, athletes, and members of society. Blogger Average2Athlete offers her insight to this issue using her own experiences as a modern female athlete. Apologies in...

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