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I Don’t Want to Look like Her

What is beauty and who defines it? When it comes to body image or the most "desirable" female body type is anybody right and is anybody wrong? CrossFit and other strength and conditioning programs are challenging our culture's idea and perceptions of what a women should and shouldn't look like. By embracing, celebrating, and rewarding an opposing new idea of beauty, a conversation has developed that affects all of us as mothers, daughters, fathers, sons, coaches, athletes, and members of society. Blogger Average2Athlete offers her insight to this issue using her own experiences as a modern female athlete. Apologies in...

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Getting Stronger: Keep it Simple

As athletes we all want to be stronger. We want those 315 lbs. resting on our back to feel light. We want to go unbroken doing a set of heavy push presses. And we're also willing to put in the time and hard work to get there. What we may be unsure of is how to get all of this. Our friend, Strong(wo)man, coach, and overall badass Kristin Newman shows how simple it can be to get strong (and swole!). A quick internet search brings up a plethora of strength programs, all promising BIG GAINZ and the endless love of...

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5 Reasons Why Women Should Lift Weights

There's nothing sexier than a strong woman who can lift. One of the most beautiful things to see is a woman moving some heavy weight with grace and power. Mainstream society and culture has been slow to embrace this, and there is a serious misconception that weight lifting will make a woman "bulky" or "look like a man". Thankfully the emergence and popularity of CrossFit has fostered a community that creates and celebrates strong women. Find out the 5 reasons why women should lift weights according to Olympic Weightlifter and CrossFit coach Meshelle Mifsud. One thing I must give credit...

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