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100 Reasons to Skip Class

Sometimes we need a reason or two to justify not doing what we said we were going to do. After all life does get hard. Here are a few reasons that you shouldn’t come to the gym:

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The 7 Sneakiest Rest Strategies in CrossFit

Most of us don't have an engine like Sam Briggs or the ability to go to that dark place and embrace suffering like Rich Froning; so breaking up a workout becomes necessary. Breaking Muscle has come up with 7 of the sneakiest ways you can slip some rest into your next WOD without drawing the ire of your coach.

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Why Your Jerk Sucks

Are you consistently having issues with successfully completing your jerk? Anton Jefferson (Olympic Weightlifting coach and founder of OLift Magazine) breaks down the common errors we make when jerking, and gives you 3 quick ways to improve your jerk now. According to Andrew Charniga’s translated Soviet text, “The jerk is missed 50% of the time in International competitions.” If this is true for the world’s best lifters, I know it’s way more prevalent on the local and national level. Many lifters can clean a bunch of weight, but that doesn’t matter if you suck at the jerk. There are so many...

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Sh*t You Can Only Say to Crossfit Girls

In our society there are certain things that are acceptable to say to a woman, and certain things that will get you a well deserved slap across the face. In the Crossfit community many of those social norms get thrown right out the window creating some very uncomfortable and awkward moments for those who aren't in the know. Here's a list of some of those things you can say to a Crossfit girl without insulting her and getting smacked. Nice rack! Hey, you want some of my meat? Your hands are so rough! Can you clean this for me? Did...

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