The 8 People You'll Meet at Your Box

Community is by far the best part of CrossFit. In every box you meet people of all ages, backgrounds, and walks of life grinding through the WOD together. But even as CrossFit continues to grow and spread there always seems to be a recurring cast of characters you’re sure to find in any box. Meet them below and maybe you'll recognize a few familiar faces.

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8 Epic Crossfit Fails

This list is only meant for some laughs. Please do not attempt to out-fail any of these fails at your box. We love you guys, Train Like A Hero and be safe! 1) Chivalry is dead. 2) Partner WOD gone wrong. 3) A quick lesson in physics. 4) Impressive and strange at the same time. 5) On the bright side is he went down in a fire station. No shortage of paramedics. 6) I. Don't. Know. 7) Keeping those knees out by any means possible! 8) PR or ER!  

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