The 5 Best Paleo and Ancestral Books That Everyone Should Read

Do you want to learn about the foundation of the Paleo Diet? How about the anthropological side of a Paleo lifestyle? Or are you just looking for some new delicious Paleo recipes? Laura Schoenfeld (MPH, RD) of Ancentralize Me has compiled her list of 5 Paleo books that everyone should read.

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U.S. News Ranks The Best And Worst Diets Of 2015

For a lot of people the start of a new year means getting in better shape; and oftentimes a big part of this plan is a change in diet. These days it seems like there are more diets than Jelly Belly flavors, and who really has the time to try them all? Earlier this year U.S. News released their list of the "top diets for 2015". We were shocked to not only see so many diets we've never even heard of make this "list", but also where certain diets ended up being ranked and their reason for being "ranked" so...

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