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Why Should I Spend $50 On A Jump Rope?

A jump rope is an essential piece of equipment that all crossfitters should own. It's used in so many warms ups and WODs that you're doing yourself and your training an injustice by not having one on hand. With this in mind not all jump ropes are created equal, and the prices of jump ropes these days can range from under $10 to close to $50. The differences you'll find in prices accurately reflects the differences in quality between different jump ropes. RPM Fitness has established itself as the premier designer and manufacturer of speed ropes used by crossfitters. Their...

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How to Measure Your Jump Rope

Your jump rope comes with plenty of cable which allows the shortest or tallest athletes to use our jump ropes. You can easily adjust the length with a screwdriver and a scissor or wire cutter. The proper way to measure your jump rope is by the following:   -Take the jump rope in either hand and step on the center of the rope with both feet together.   -Pull the jump rope handles up and towards your arm pits.   -The edge of the jump rope should come up to the base of your arm pits. If the handles don't...

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