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5 Reasons To Stop Hating Burpees

Burpees, the mention of it alone can ruin your day. Seen as the equivalent of a four letter word the burpee is always the most hated part of any WOD. But hate is such a strong and negative feeling and does the burpee really deserve this?

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WODs We Love to Hate

CrossFit is fun and we love doing it, but that doesn't mean we love every WOD that ends up on the whiteboard. Fitness blogger Andy Peloquin and WOD Talk share a handful of WODs that have earned the contempt of crossfitters worldwide. We all have a WOD or two that we look forward to every time they come around. It’s our very favorite, and they make our hearts sing when we see them on the schedule. You blast through that WOD with a smile on your exhausted, sweaty face. And then there are the WODs that fill you with dread every...

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