10 years in the making - the Reebok Nano X

It's been amazing to see Crossfit grow from a small underground strength and conditioning program into a giant global phenomenon, that now includes over 15,000 affiliates worldwide and hundreds of thousands of athletes.

10 years ago Reebok was the first major brand to recognize the value that Crossfit was bringing to it's growing number of practitioners, and worked closely with top level athletes to develop a training shoe that would meet the unique demands of Crossfit training - birthing the iconic Reebok Nano. Each year for the last decade Reebok has continued a tradition of releasing a new Nano, and 2020 marks a huge milestone with the launch of the Reebok Nano X

In one of the biggest Nano makeovers ever, the Nano X unveils a completely new styling that beautifully blends a modern look with proven high performance.

The upper of the Nano X now features an upgraded Flexweave that provides a little more stretch for increased comfortability. An almost sock like fit wraps around your foot nicely, allowing it to breath better and prevent any unconformable friction from occurring.

Whether you like to run or not, the Nano X will definitely prove to be a more runnable training shoe with built in lightweight midsole cushioning and more flex in the forefoot area.

For many people the most eye catching area is probably going to be the brand new collar construction. At a quick glance it almost gives the allusion of being a mid top. This new design feature is mainly to provide enhanced comfort around the achilles area, and to secure the entire foot within the shoe better to prevent any slippage.

To sum it up the Nano X brings a level of versatility unlike any previous Nano that makes it perfect for the constantly evolving nature of Crossfit and training in general. The Reebok Nano X is available now so be sure to get your pair.

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