Top 5 Books On Our Reading List

Goggins' transformation from fat kid to elite Navy Seal is unreal. His story is  captivating and inspirational and will have you doing pushups and pullups between pages.
One of the more well known coaches in CrossFit, Bergeron reveals the secrets in creating the world's fittest woman and how you can apply those same tools to reaching your own goals.

If you read Outside Magazine you know Alex Hutchinson. With a Ph.D. from Cambridge, Alex explores the science behind the limits of human performance.

2 x CrossFit Champion Katrin Davidsdottir shares her journey in becoming the world's fittest woman while detailing her focus on training, nutrition, goal setting, and mental toughness.

If you don't know Jocko, get with the program and follow him on instagram @jockowillink. In Extreme Ownership, Jocko outlines what he learned about leadership on the battlefield with the Seal Teams and how to apply it to everyday life.

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