Is the Nano 8 Better than the Metcon 4?

As the original CrossFit® branded shoe, Reebok CrossFit Nanos have always held a special place in the hearts and gym bags of Crossfitters. Given the downfalls surrounding the Nano 7 it's understandable why people might overlook the Reebok CrossFit Nano 8, but some of the most trusted independent product reviewers for all things CrossFit® recently put out glowing reviews for the Nano 8 AND slightly favored them over the Nike Metcon 4!

The extremely in depth review done by BarBend put the Nano 8 up against the Metcon 4 through a series of tests covering construction, functionality, stability, and fit. After the chalk settled this is what they had to say: "My overall winner is the Reebok CrossFit Nano 8 Flexweave, but not by much. In reality, I like both shoes and think they’ll serve a strength athlete well."

Another informative and fun to read review was done by one of our favorite product reviewers Joel from As Many Reviews as Possible. As a self described cynic when it came to the Nano 7, his Nano 8 review restored his faith in the Nano series and he thinks it's a better shoe than the Metcon 4. He gave the Nano 8 a total rating of 27.5. The Metcon 4 got a total rating of 27.

Our staff was definitely impressed when we put the Nano 8 to the test. It's an incredible update to the Nano 7.  Although the Metcon 4 is our favorite Metcon, we can't stop raving about the comfort and performance of the Nano 8. All in all, you have the two best shoes ever for your CrossFit® workouts to choose from.



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