Top 6 Fitness Apps for 2018

February 06, 2018

More likely than not, your phone is full of apps. But how many are fitness related? It's time to step up your app game to give you that daily inspiration, focus, competitive advantage or kick in the ass that you need. Here are our top 6 fitness apps you need to download for 2018:


Rating 4.7


This is a perfect app if you're one of those crossfitters that love open gym or like to sneak in a quick WOD at home. SmartWOD has 4 preset timers (AMRAP, For Time, EMOM, Tabata) to get your heart pumping and sweat flowing.


Rating 4.5


As the official CrossFit® app this software has robust features that keeps you clued in to your strength gains, access your home box (or crosstown rival) workout of the day, connect with friends, input your PRs, log times for benchmark WODs, and more.


Rating 4.2


With swimming becoming more important during the Games, this is the perfect app to cut down your swim times. Let's be honest, not many of us know many (if any!) swim workouts. With this app you can access hundreds of customized swim workouts for freeeeeeeee. Swim on!


Rating 4.6
Free - $$


In just a few minutes a day, you'll learn how to train your mind and body for a healthier, happier life. The app is full of guided meditations to help you perform at your best. It's free to start then costs $7.91 for a monthly subscription or you can opt to purchase single meditations on the topic you desire.


StrongLifts 5x5
Rating 4.9


This app is awesome if you're looking to supplement your crossfit WODs with a strength program. Interface is so easy to use and intuitive, the app guides you through every workout with an automated countdown timer. The app does all the thinking so you can focus on lifting.



Down Dog
Rating 4.9


This is the best app to get your mobility on. Super easy to use and has quick 10 minute guided stretch routines or you can go the distance with hour long sessions or anywhere in between.




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