Reebok Nano X1 Adventure Training Shoe

First impression: Very similar fit to Nano X1 with outdoor features.

The biggest question for the Nano X1 Adventure is can you do crossfit in the gym with them. The answer is undoubtedly yes! Although there are added features to escape the box, get outside and grind, the Nano X1 Adventure is built on the same last as the Nano X1 and invariably has a similar feel and function to them.

There are three main updates that give it it's outdoor vibes:

1. Stretch Ripstop Upper:  Adds durability and protection against the elements.

2. Updated Lug Outsole: These lugs are more pronounced than on the Nano X1 and give you better grip if you're getting after it on the trail, turf, or grass.

3. Lace Lock Harness: Reebok added extra loops for the laces which keeps the tongue in place - an issue that the Nano X1 has.

Overall, I like the versatility of these a bit more than the Nano X1 as the updates allow for more traction on turf when I'm doing speed and bodyweight workouts.