Reebok Nano X1 Froning Training Shoe Review

First Impressions: Best looking Froning yet!

The Reebok Nano X1 Froning is styling! The “Into the Storm” graphics and use of the classic white gum makes this one of the best looking Nanos I’ve seen.

The new Froning uses what works from the past and ditches what didn’t. Gone is the bulky midfoot strap that honestly was just there for aesthetics. In lieu of it is a cool slim lace strap to keep your laces in place. The signature bootie construction is still here – a nod to Rich’s aversion of tying shoes. Midsole/outsole the same as the Nano X1.

The upper is a noticeably different than the previous version and the conventional Nano X1s. It’s kind of like the X1 Adventure but slightly different – more of a textile feel. It seems like there is a lot more room in the forefoot and this could be due to the upper construction being slimmer than the other Nano X1s.  I measured the length of both the conventional Nano X1 and the X1 Froning and they appear to be identical but the Froning feels bigger. My best guess is that the slimmer construction of the upper creates more room in the toebox. All this is to say you may want to size down a half size – I did.

Overall, another great shoe from Reebok. It’s an even better shoe if you sympathize with Rich’s aversion of tying shoes.