Nike Metcon 8

Overall, the Nike Metcon 8 is an excellent shoe. It's built on the same tooling as the Metcon 7 - the midsole and outsole did not change. However, Nike did redo the mesh upper to make it more breathable and durable. Because the upper is now made up of less material, there's a roomier feel in the forefoot. I actually like it more than the 7. You'll also notice that Nike simplified the lace lock system - it's much less a nuisance than what it was.

With the tweaks in the upper, the Metcon 8 has a better fit/feel than its predecessor. Although I really liked the Metcon 7, I thought it was a little bulky for day-to-day training (perfect for the heavier days though). The Metcon 8 solves that. Although it's practically the same weight, it feels a bit lighter. Definitely can't go wrong with the Metcon 8 - it's versatile, comfortable, and we'll be carrying a ton of color options to choose from.  

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