Nike Free Metcon 5

The Nike Free Metcon 5 recently hit the market, and my initial impression is that these shoes are incredibly comfortable right out of the box. They've made a few notable improvements from the previous model.

While the midsole and outsole of the Free Metcon 5 feel quite similar to the previous iteration (the Free Metcon 4), the main difference you'll notice is in the upper. Nike seems to have made some tweaks to the mesh, as it feels even more stretchy and breathable. Although the shoe still fits like a sock, it doesn't feel as tight as its predecessor. Additionally, the tongue and collar have a larger opening, making the shoe easier to put on.

Overall, the Free Metcon 5 is a fantastic all-around shoe. While it may not be ideal for heavy lifting sessions, I'd say it's particularly well-suited for lighter training days and cardio, as the foam cushioning is very comfortable.

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