Nike Metcon 9

The all-new Nike Metcon 9 has dropped, and folks in the training shoe scene were pretty stoked about it. We knew it was going to get a serious makeover, and boy, did it deliver! One of the first things you notice when you put the shoe on is a wider toe box. In the past, Metcons and some other Nike kicks have felt a bit snug and narrow, but not anymore. This time Nike gave us more space which is a game-changer.

Now, let's talk about the rope guard. It's bigger, especially on the inner side of the shoe. Some people think it looks too drastic but if you pick a color where the rope pro is the same color as the upper it's less in-your-face. Plus, I find that it does the job better, giving you more grip and durability for those rope climbs.

And don't forget the heel cushioning—it's softer and comfier. Running in these feels better than the Metcon 8, but don't worry, they're still stable and supportive for your heavy lifts.

Overall, Nike seems to have listened to some of the gripes over recent years and I was pleasantly surprised by the changes. These shoes might feel a little larger and geared-up compared to the minimalist and lower-profile options out there, but they're ready for any workout you can throw at them. Whether it's lifting or WODs, the Metcon 9 has your back.

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