The Crossfitters Guide to the South East CrossFit Regionals (May 9 - 11)

Heading to Jacksonville, Florida for the Regionals? Want to make the most of your trip? We've done the Crossfit friendly research, and we're ready to help make your stay that much more satisfying.

Things to do (Between Competitions)

If you're not planning on spending every waking moment at the Jacksonville Veterans Memorial Arena, where the Regionals are being held this year, you can explore this fine city with its friendly locals and country feel. Head to the Riverside Arts Market for delicious local food and fun (free!) entertainment. Atlantic Beach, just a few minutes away from downtown, is a great place to relax after watching someone do more muscle-ups than you thought humanly possible. If you're feeling frisky be sure to check out the big cats up close at the Catty Shack Ranch Wildlife Sanctuary. CrossFit and crossfitters have been honoring Heroes in a unique way for years. The Veterans Memorial Wall is an urban park in Jacksonville that offers "proud remembrance and humble tribute" to fallen heroes from all US military and service branches. If you're bringing the whole family along for the fitness fun you can enjoy some family time at the Jacksonville Zoo & Gardens.

    Where to eat

    If you're looking for a great meal after a long day, check out Black Sheep Restaurant in the Riverside neighborhood. Great short ribs and hearty comfort food, not to mention the poutine! And if you're in the mood for soul food, go to Soul Food Bistro in Westside, where there's a friendly atmosphere and fried chicken you won't believe. If you're into self-explanatory restaurants, go to Chomp Chomp for great sandwiches served late. And you can always start your day off right at Metro Diner for the best breakfast in the city.

    Looking to WOD with some fellow crossfitters? Here are some great boxes in the area:

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