Product Review: CW-X Performance Conditioning Wear

If you saw any pictures and videos of the CrossFit Games or Regionals last year or you happened to be lucky enough to be a spectator at these events, one thing I’m sure you noticed was the intricately placed bright and patterned tape that seemed to cover every possible body part of many of the competitors. This wasn’t some new CrossFit fashion statement, it was in actuality Kinesiology tape. Kinesiology tape is nothing new and there are a growing number of companies (i.e. ROCKTAPE, KT Tape, and ProTec Tape to name a few) who now manufacture it. It’s been around for years, and a wide range of athletes outside of CrossFit, including a growing number of Olympians at the 2012 Olympic Games have begun to tape up.
The way the tape works is in it’s application and it’s ultra pliable design. When placed on or around  targeted areas of the body, the tape stimulates circulation and encourages lymphatic flow which in turn softens fluid swollen areas. All of this is done without restricting circulation or range of motion like normal athletic tape would. In response to these marked advantages, a market has begun to develop to design apparel that mimics Kinesiology tape and all of its benefits. Compression apparel has a made a huge splash in the athletic world, and in CrossFit in particular. The workouts we do typically have us performing a variety of movements (body and weighted) at a high rate of intensity. And we’ve all experienced what happens to our body after putting it through a WOD. We’re hurting. Whether it’s sore hamstrings after some heavy squatting, burnt out shoulders from going overhead, or calves that are shot from box jumps, this pain and discomfort often has an undesirable impact on our training. Either we’re too sore to even go to the gym, or the quality of our performance becomes compromised.This is where compression apparel can become very beneficial, and one company in particular after much research and development has created a line of compression products that address the needs of CrossFitters. CW-X® is a brand formed by the Wacoal Sports Science Corp based out of Japan. They have been highly active within the sports apparel market for over 20 years allowing them to gain and build upon a lot of the new knowledge and technology. 
CW-X® conditioning wear products target key areas to support and improve biometrics during motion. CW-X’s patented Support Web™ technology is designed into their apparel to provide support and reduce shock to joints and muscles. This paves the way for more efficient movement and faster recovery times. CW-X’s Pro collection of compression apparel are more muscle centric, providing your hamstrings and quads with added support. The Stabilyx™ collection is designed to address the key joints by stabilizing and reducing vibration around the knee through gentle compression and providing hip and extra back support.The Lycra™/Coolmax™ fabric blend of CW-X’s conditioning wear provides you with the fastest drying fabric available. Moisture is quickly transferred from body to fabric, where it evaporates twice as fast as cotton. This fast acting moisture removal system allows your body to stay at a comfortable and sustainable temperature. Less energy being spent on cooling the body translates into more energy available to get you through a long chipper, or out of the bottom of a deep PR setting squat. 

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