CrossFit® Sanctioned Events

January 30, 2019

As you probably know, CrossFit HQ altered the road to the Games. No longer are individuals required to go through the Open, then Regionals to qualify. Instead, there are four main pathways to qualify:

  1. National champions as determined by the CrossFit Open
  2. First-place sanctioned-event winners
  3. The top 20 overall finishers in the CrossFit Open
  4. Four at-large athletes selected by CrossFit Inc.

Team qualification has also changed: CrossFit-sanctioned events are the only pathway for teams to compete at the CrossFit Games. The big twist from prior years is that teams are no longer required to share an affiliate or geographical location to qualify for the CrossFit Games team competition.

Below are the sanctioned CF events for 2019 and beyond:



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