10 Reasons to REALLY Date a Crossfitter

The bar, online, cafes, and bookstores are all different places that you can meet the new love of your life; but what about the local CrossFit gym? What makes the people in there sweating through their workouts worth dating, and why should you be looking for love in between WODs? Fitness and Health blogger Ashley Palmer gives the 10 best reasons why you should be dating a Crossfitter.

1. They are brave. You know how difficult it is to walk into a CrossFit gym for the first time, when you don’t know anyone and your only perception of CrossFit is that it is really hard and that a bunch of really fit people do it? That bravery is incredibly admirable (and dateable).

2. They are fiercely loyal. If you want to see this, just take a look at a crowd at the local Crossfit competition. All the members of the gym will take time out of their Saturday to cheer on their teammates who are competing. Or take a look at the end of a grueling WOD where a new guy, or girl is struggling to finish the run. You will rarely see them doing it alone, someone who has already done the workout will cheer them on, run with them, and be with them until the very end.

3. They are willing to do the work. 100 burpees for time? Who does that stuff? Oh yeah, Crossfitters do, even though it can be miserable in the process. They know that improving their fitness is worth the work.

4. They are friendly to EVERYONE. Despite how scary the thought of walking into a CrossFit gym can be, it is actually the exact opposite once you get inside. Everyone is friendly and welcoming to the visitors and new members. 

5. Time management. The majority of Crossfitters are not full-time athletes, they are students, lawyers, accountants, teachers, parents…and yet they manage to find an hour per day most days of the week to spend at the gym.

6. They prioritize their fitness. While many non-Crossfitters gawk at the price tag of a monthly gym membership, Crossfitters aren’t gullible or being ripped off. They realize they are investing in themselves and their health, and that is a wise investment.

7. They believe in themselves. Do you know what it takes to get to the gym, day in and day out, knowing that there will be discomfort, that there will be new things, and heavier weights? It takes people who believe in themselves. And if they didn’t before they started CrossFit, they sure do now.

8. They believe in each other. If you thought that a self help seminar was the best place to get people yelling “YOU GOT THIS” in your face, you should really check out the local CrossFit gym instead. Crossfitters are notorious for cheering each other on through the toughest of workouts.

9. They cherish community. A CrossFit box isn’t just where workouts happen, it’s where baby shower invitations are passed out, hugs are given when life is hard, friends take turns going with their fellow gym member to chemo, and celebrations are enjoyed together. While people may start CrossFit with the goal of improved fitness, they stay for the community.

10. They come in all shapes and sizes. The fact is, a CrossFit gym is not a mausoleum for fit people to walk around in, it is a place for people to work towards their goals. So let’s drop this idea that we all have to look a certain way before we can feel comfortable in an environment, mmmkay?

You may notice that many of these qualities don’t just apply to Crossfitters: It applies to runners, weight lifters, yogi’s, and every other person out there who is doing their best to take care of their bodies in a way that works for them. The fact is, each person who is actively taking a role in their health and fitness, working towards their best self, is a person worth admiring (and dating), so let’s stop with all the exclusionary talk of “us vs them” and  “we’re better than you” and realize that, at the core, we all have the same goal: improved health, more fitness, and a better life.

About the Author:

Ashley Palmer is a nutrition counselor based out of Salt Lake City. She is the founder of Youtrition ®, a diet free, guilt free approach to lasting weight loss. Find her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

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