The Crossfitters Guide to the Central East CrossFit Regionals (May 16 - 18)

Cincinnati is the place to be to catch the Central East Regional competition, happening May 16-18 at Fifth Third Arena. If you're heading to the Queen City to watch some of the best Crossfitters including past champ Graham Holmberg and 3X defending champ Rich Froning throw down, then we have the best list of things to see and do along the way.

What to see

The American Sign Museum gives a great look at America's past through the artistry of neon and painted signs. You will never look at a billboard or a roadside diner the same way after a visit here. Findlay Market is a classic farmer's market with a focus on community and culture. Get some local flavor here for free while you visit. If watching some of the best athletes in the world isn't exciting enough and you're still looking for a thrill after the competition, head over to King's Island. They have some of the best roller coasters in the country, not to mention the Dinosaur's Alive exhibit. The Cincinnati Zoo is the second oldest zoo in the country. Take a relaxing walk through the grounds and go see what the phrase “beast mode” really means. Slow down your wild weekend of WODs with a slow, leisurely, and relaxing ride down the river in the BB Riverboats.

What to eat

Lock up the best steak in the city at The Precinct, an old police station given new life as the perfect steak house. Treat yourself to this classy yet authentic experience. If BBQ is your thing then Eli's BBQ is THE place to go for barbecue in Cincinnati. Get the pulled pork sandwich, because you know you want to. Yes, it's all about the Chili at Skyline Chili. Not too hot but oh so filling, get it on a hot dog covered with cheese or on a plate of spaghetti. This is the Cincinnati treat. Have a liter (or 2) of beer and some spatzle in a fun and boisterous atmosphere at the first Hofbrauhaus in America (Hofbrauhaus Newport). Then burn off the carbs in a major WOD the next day. (Okay, technically this is in Newport, in Kentucky across the river. But it's a chance to see another state!) Frisch's is the original Big Boy, founded in 1939. An old fashioned burger joint with... wait for it... great food! Have a burger and a malt and chalk up the extra calories to learning more about American History.

Looking to WOD with some fellow crossfitters? Here are some great boxes in the area:

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