The 9 Celebrities You're Most Likely to See Working Out at Your Box

Over the past couple of years CrossFit has become much more mainstream and even Hollywood has started to take notice. The results and just plain old fun of doing a WOD has not been lost on celebrities. Check out our list of celebrities who you'd most likely find at your box sweating and suffering next to you while doing Fran.

1) Jessica Biel

Known for her many feature films, including The A-Team and Total Recall, Biel has embraced CrossFit and a paleo diet as a means to get herself in the best shape possible for her different roles. Biel is also very well known for her CrossFit-sculpted body. She's been quoted saying “I’m comfortable with my body and who I am because I work out a lot... it's nice to have a little meat on you, and I hope I inspire women to appreciate their muscular calves!”.

2) Channing Tatum

By now the only thing you have to say about Mr. Tatum is “Magic Mike,” and you'll have women (and a few men) falling over as they remember his performance in the movie by the same name. How do you think he got those abs? Lots of hard work and lots of CrossFit!

3) Cameron Diaz

A Hollywood darling, Diaz is especially famous for There's Something About Mary and Charlie's Angels. Lately she's been garnering even more attention for her well sculpted body, brought to you by CrossFit.

4) Brad Pitt

Yes, even between spending time with his six kids, beautiful wife, acting, producing, and basically being the envy of everyone, Pitt manages to get in a few CrossFit workouts to maintain his famous physique.

5) Elizabeth Banks

A star of screens big and small, Elizabeth Banks is known for her TV roles in Scrubs and 30 Rock, along with her film appearances in Role Models and The Hunger Games. Banks is also a dedicated CrossFit athlete, and was part of Reebok's “The Sport of Fitness Has Arrived” campaign.

6) Jason Statham

One of the top modern action heroes, Statham is well known as one of The Expendables. Statham was also the star of The Transporter, and is known for his memorable roles in Snatch and Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels.

7) Alicia Keys

Most of our celebrities have been known as movie stars, but we couldn't miss out on mentioning singer and all around musical talent Alicia Keys in our list, especially since her collaboration with Reebok for their Classics collection. Maybe you'll feel inspired to turn on some Alicia next time you're feeling on fire.

8) Bob Harper

Before becoming one of the hosts of the hit show The Biggest Loser and a celebrity himself, Harper was a long time personal trainer for celebrities. Harper has really taken to the community aspect of CrossFit and is a common sight at CrossFit events like Regionals and The Games.

9) Paula Patton


 Rounding out our list of Crossfitting celebs is Paula Patton, the star of such films as Precious and Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol. After giving birth to her first child Patton discovered CrossFit and called it the "perfect mommy workout".

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