The Top 10 Apps for CrossFit

June 04, 2015

CrossFit and tech go hand in hand; and it's safe to say that technology is one of the biggest reasons for CrossFit's huge success and growth. The easy sharing and access to WODs, scores and all things CrossFit made it possible for CrossFitters from around the world to build a community based on health and fitness. These days almost everyone has a smart phone in their pocket that's full of apps for everything ranging from navigation, entertainment, shopping, and anything else you can imagine. It's no wonder then that apps designed specifically for CrossFitters have started to emerge. Here's a great list of the Top 10 CrossFit Apps.

1. Beyond the Whiteboard (iPhone, Android)

This is easily one he best paid for CrossFit apps on the market. Beyond the Whiteboard has a ton of great features; for example, you can log and track your results and progress, follow various gym’s WODs, log WODs put up your gym, view instructional videos, and so much more. Use it to analyse your stats and adjust your training accordingly.

2. myWOD (iPhone, Android)

myWOD is a very simple and easy to use app. Use it to log your WODs, record your max reps, and you can even use it to customize your own WOD and save it for personal use. Make use of graphs to monitor progress and use it to shamelessly brag over social media about accomplishments.

3. XFit PR (iPhone, Android)

Are you tired of getting lost in translation when you hear the words Fran, Cindy, etc.? Are you tired of being barked at about bad form? Then XFit PR is the best app for you. It will let you view all of the named WODs, demos of CrossFit techniques and it has a WOD manager to create your own WODs.

4. WODzilla (iPhone)

WODzilla is a highly touted CrossFit app for its immense practicality and functionality. Use it to track fitness goals, performance on WODs and monitor your progress. If you want to stick to your gym’s style of training and you are not at your box, use it to track their WODs via their RSS feed.

5. WODBox Pro (iPhone, Android)

Use WODBox Pro to keep your WODs efficient. The best part about this app is that it will generate WODs according to the equipment that you have. The WOD feed provides direct, tailored access to some of the world’s premier CrossFit affiliates. There is even a countdown timer, tabata timer and stopwatch.

6. GWOD Spot (iPhone)

This app, brought to you by Gymnastics WOD and Carl Paoli, is perfect for anybody who trains in CrossFit and/or is looking to learn bodyweight and gymnastic movements. GWOD Spot will teach a host of new skills and teach you how to build strength and increase flexibility. This app has a lot of videos to stream to help you understand numerous techniques.

7. Workout Hero (iPhone, Android)

Workout Hero is a great app to use if you are looking to get in shape quickly. It is stacked with some really amazing features like workout and food alarms, over 200 how-to videos, over 700 preloaded workouts, social network intergration and more. It also has over 10 000 Paleo recipes – the Paleo diet is synonymous with CrossFit.

8. WOD (iPhone)

Many of the CrossFit apps have a feature that enables you to log your workout, but not many are as efficient as the WOD app. Your history of workouts and records is organized by date and by record type. It is not only a workout logger, WOD also graphs your personal records and has a small library of workouts.

9. iCross WoD Pro (iPhone)

This app is the best way to trawl the CrossFit website. iCross WoD Pro serves to complement and supplement your workout. Receive daily reminders for WODs and video demos are great for beginners. Also use it to save your data for offline use.

10. CF Finder (iPhone)

CrossFitters who have to travel often, find themselves faced with the dilemma of missing out on good quality box training while they are away. CF Finder will fix that in a jiffy and help you locate the closest box to you.

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