2016 Reebok CrossFit Games Predictions

It's Game Time! The wait is over and the 2016 Reebok CrossFit Games are set to kick off. For the world's top Crossfitters the past year of training, sacrifice, and hard work has led up to this moment; the ultimate test of fitness. Everyone competing in the Games this year is a phenomenal athlete, but only 1 can claim the title of The Fittest on Earth. 

It took some long and hard deliberation, but we've made our prediction on what the standings will look like after the final Sunday workout is done.

The Men

1. Mat Fraser

After finishing 2nd two years in a row Fraser will make a serious statement in 2016 with a 1st place finish. Another year of experience, focusing on training full time, and a burning drive to win will lead him to the top of the podium.

2. Noah Ohlsen

Fan favorite Ohlsen will look to make a big jump this year with his first ever podium finish. After winning the Open and making some serious GAINZ over the past year Ohlsen should put on a great performance at this year's Games with a 2nd place finish.

3. Ben Smith

Repeating as the Champ is hard (unless your name is Rich Froning) so Smith will fall a couple places to 3rd; but he will still have another consistent performance at his 8th straight Games appearance. 

4. Brent Fikowski

Canadian Fikowski will make a name for himself in his rookie year with a 4th place finish. He's got the engine and the strength needed to really shake things up as the Games unfold.

5. Josh Bridges

After missing the Games last year Bridges is back with a vengeance. As one of the most competitive and driven athletes to ever compete at the Games, Bridges will come out guns blazing that will result in a solid 5th place finish.

    Other Male athletes to watch: Scott Panchik, Björgvin Karl Guðmundsson, Jacob Heppner, and Patrick Vellner.

    The Women

    1. Kara Webb

    Webb won the hearts and respect of Crossfitters last year with her lay it on the line performance during Murph. When most people would throw in the towel she came back from that low point and finished the weekend strong. After coming so close the last 2 years this year will be her's. At the end of Sunday look for Webb to be at the top of the podium waving the Australian flag.

    2. Sara Sigmundsdottir

    Look for Sigmundsdottir to continue her strong performance from last year with another 2nd place finish. Another year of experience will help her get through the events with the solid and consistent performance she's become known for.

    3. Katrin Tanja Davidsdottir

    Just like on the men's side repeating as Champ will be difficult to do. Davidsdottir will still have a great Games but will fall a couple places to 3rd. 

    4. Michele Letendre

    As one of the most experienced female athletes Letendre will come through with another strong Games run and a 4th place finish. Expect her to show up on Sunday where she has been known to shine with one of the best performances of the day.

    5. Lauren Fisher

    Coming back from an injury is hard, but it looks like Fisher is healthy and looking to make another run at the Games this year. As one of the most well rounded athletes she should do very well with a 5th place finish.

      Other Female athletes to watch: Chyna Cho, Brooke Wells, Emily Bridgers, and Margaux Alvarez.

      Let us know your CrossFit Games picks in the comment section below. 

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      • Replay the live episode of the CrossFit Games Update where we close out the first phase of the season. 

        Rubin Dobbs on
      • You cannot count out sam Briggs of Annie. One or both will make the top 5 and both always have a shot at winning the whole thing.

        Medwin on
      • Men’s- Fraser, Fikowski, Williams, Güdmusson
        Women’s- Webb, Sigmundsdottior, Bridgers, Thorsdottior

        Roo on
      • For the Male and Female I only see 1 out of the 5 names you have listed will make the podium. My lock picks are Sara and Mat

        RaShane on
      • What?! Definitely have to have a Dottir winning the women’s.
        And the men are going to go Fraser, Smith, Bridges – count on it!

        Steve on

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