First Look At The Nike Metcon 3

Pictures of the yet to be released Nike Metcon 3 have started to leak and we're loving what we're seeing! It looks like the Metcon 3 will have a sleeker look, and possibly lighter feel to it.

The abrasion resistant film around the mid foot appears to have been updated to offer more grip during rope climbs.

The upper design also has been redone to create a more breathable and comfortable fit. 

A new plastic section has been added around the upper heel portion for a more lock down and secure fit during your lifts.

Click here to check out all the Nike Metcon 3 colors.

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  • Hope they are better made than the first metcons. I had mine for a month before the sole came apart. Never been a huge Nike fan and this did nothing to win me over. They do look better than anything Reebok makes though.

    Ronnie on
  • I’ve already customized two pairs on the Nike website! Amazing looking, pricey, but, somethings you just can’t live without???

    Pat on
  • hmmm….they look….interesting. Maybe with some better colors they would look sick! But Lord knows that Matt Fraser probably already has them and is using them. lol…oh to be sponsored by nike.

    Bruce Boling on
  • Can’t wait ! Sounds like a awesome pair of sneakers. Do love 2 Nike sneakers. Looking forward Why are they coming out ???

    Mary gagliano on

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