Limited Edition Nike Metcon 4 XD X

The gym leaderboard and tracking reps have long been a staple of CrossFit since it's inception and continue to be in 2019.

The special edition Nike Metcon 4 XD X (affectionately called the Metcon 4 XD Chalkboard or the Metcon 4 XD Whiteboard) is inspired by WOD scores found on every box's whiteboard and the chalk scribbled floors tallying reps and rounds completed.   

Available for both Men and Women in a Black and White colorway. Write your WOD time or weight lifted with dry-erase markers on the erasable back panels of the White style, or tally your reps and sets with chalk on the erasable back panels of the Black color.

These Metcons will be available for a very limited time with limited inventory on 2/21 so be sure to get your pair when they go live here.


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