The New Metcon Everyone's Talking About

April 05, 2019

Nike's Metcon line has grown into the #1 choice for functional training footwear by offering athletes options like the durable Metcon 4 XD, the versatile Free X Metcon 2, and the plush Metcon Flyknit 3.

The all new Nike Metcon Sport is the latest addition to the Metcon family, and since it's recent release it's sent shock waves through the fitness and footwear world. The Metcon Sport embraces it's unconventional design with a fresh perspective on what a training shoe can offer. 

After easily slipping into the stretchy bootie sleeve of the Metcon Sport the first thing you'll notice is how secure your foot feels. The upper comfortably wraps around your foot, and if you want a super snug fit you can easily adjust the Velcro strap to find your perfect fit.

Once you're strapped in and ready for your workout this is where things get fun. If your WOD calls for some heavy weightlifting the stiff flat midsole delivers the stable platform you need. An aggressive outsole pattern gives you extra traction for speed drills, sled pushes, and any other movement that requires a little more grip. Tough synthetic skins around the heels and toes keep the shoes protected during handstand push ups and burpees for a longer lifespan.  

Keep your shoe game looking fresh and give them a shot! Get your new pair of the Nike Metcon Sport. 

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